Shivang Singh

Welcome to my website! I am Shivang Singh and I am a 4th year computer science major pursuing an Integrated 5 year Masters at the University of Texas at Austin. My other interests include statistical modeling for which I am taking a minor in as well as finance.

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My Portfolio

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Crime Tracker

This was an iOS application that I developed to give users the ability to track if the area they are in is potentially dangerous.

Daimler Voice

This solution was designed to reduce truck repair time through voice recognition and AI.


EduGuide is an application that provides a platform for students.

Interactive Maps

This is something I have been working on to develop access to free interactive maps that allow the user to visualize the data.

Urban Heatisland

This application was designed for the city of Austin to document urban heatislands.

Work Experience


Spark Utility
Utility to allow end users to fetch more transaction data directly from Hadoop.
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Software Engineering Intern

Worked with the Data Science and AI team to fetch data from Hadoop for the end clients

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Backup and Restores Portal
Portal to allow for backups and restores to be done in a point and click service.
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The Home Depot

Software Engineering Intern

Worked on the Infrastructure as a Service team to allow for point and click backup and restores for the Home Depot.

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2016 -2017

R Analysis Tool
Ontological data to make pairwise comparisons between stages using a Jaccard coefficient algorithm as well as a Euclidean distance metric.
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The Hofmann Lab UT Austin

Embryonic Anatomical Stage Alignment Analysis

Follow the link to learn more about my abstract.

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2014 - 2016

Molecular Biology Research
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Antibiotics Freshman Research Initiative stream

High School Summer Research

I worked on assembling bacterial genomes as well as arrays of individual bacterial colonies on petri dishes. I also learned about the integration of data analysis, chemistry, and biology. .

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